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Pre-screened grids can be imaged and auto-processed to obtain high-resolution 3D-reconstructions. Overnight data collection would provide ~2,000 movies and thousands of particles that are automatically processed to optimize the time/quality of the datasets. Using SerialEM coupled to cryoSPARC-Live, also providing all of the IT and computational support, our team is capable of obtaining near-atomic resolution within a ~16 hours of unsupervised data collection and processing. This process is suitable for and a powerful tool For high-resolution structure determination applicable for basic sciences, mechanistic, and drug discovery projects including the design of drug molecules to best interact with a target. Likewise, analysis of biotherapeutics antibodies and nanoparticles characterization, such as nanoparticles, virus-like particles (VLPs), viruses (attenuated and recombinant BSL-2), nanotubes, amyloid fibers, polymeric and/or metallic nanoparticles, and liposomes.
Data collection can be also requested during the weekends, providing almost 60 hours of uninterrupted data acquisition.

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