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Our team has extensive hands-on expertise in all steps of sample preparation, analysis and structure determination. We are uniquely positioned to support the research and development workflow of our clients.  Our highly talented team is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our clients by providing comprehensive advice on the following topics.

Key topics:

  • Sample preparation, optimization, transfer and storage

  • Protocols for high-resolution data acquisition for single-particle and subtomogram averaging

  • Transfer and storage of huge data

  • Workflows for processing and analysis of single-particle and cryo-tomography cryo-EM data

  • Software and algorithms for high-resolution 3-D structure determination

  • IT infrastructure for cryo-EM processing and storage

  • Best practices for the development of an efficient cryo-EM facility

  • Applications of cryo-EM to structure-based drug design

  • 1 hr

    65 US dollars
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