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        We strongly believe that our primary aim as an educational institution is to provide theoretical and hands-on training opportunities and skill assessments paired with online accessible theoretical and practical educational content. The end goal is not only for our students to become fully independent practitioners of cryo-EM methods, but for them to internalize the training process with materials they can use to then provide this training to others. 

        The training process requires a sequence of step into the overall cryo-EM workflow from sample preparation, data acquision and processing.


        An in-person demonstration of the entire workflow will be performed by our staff, followed by further reinforces any practical sessions. It also provides opportunity for students to ask practical questions.


         The trainees will have the opportunity to practice themselves under supervision before gets the certification proven their independence.



        After our staff evaluation, trainees that fulfill the checklist for the workflow can start to prepare and analyze the data independently.

        For scheduling or questions regarding the trainings, please contact the facility’s staff.

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